Unit 1 Reading

The first chapter didn’t introduce anything new in my mind, but did add new light to the topic on how to understand it. As we move further into the book I think that it will introduce even more ways to understand this initial concept of how people see and I am very interested to see how to applies these concepts to a user experience perspective as well as carry these concepts and new ideas into future projects.


Geons: are the simple 2D or 3D forms such as cylinders, bricks, wedges, cones, circles and rectangles corresponding to the simple parts of an object.

FFA: Fusifrom Face Area allows the faces to bypass the brains usual interpretive channels and help us identify them more quickly than objects.

Canonical Perspective: is a standard or the preferred way of viewing an object.

Affordance: is a quality of an object, or an environment, which allows an individual to perform an action.

Week 1 Contest Research


Electronic Device Interfaces, Interactive Interfaces, User Interfaces, Controls, Web Designs and More.

2. Work Right! Everybody’s right to fair and equal employment. Poster Design.


3. Interactive design



Project 1 Proposal

Client: National Football League ( NFL )

Problem: It’s 3rd and inches and the clock is ticking down. The ball is snapped and there is a pile of bodies covering the ball. You sit and watch as the referees use their best professional judgement to place the ball in the correct position, all without creating a biased outcome of the game. In today’s world of technological advancements why are we still using posts and an imaginary unofficial yellow line to track the position of the ball on the football field? As the game has grown older athletes have become bigger, faster and stronger. With technology at their side football players have numerous ways to improve themselves, so why shouldn’t the game be on the same page?

Solution:  Adding something as simple as a GPS unit and accelerometer to the football, paired with a simple and immersive piece of software, would give an accurate location of the ball on the field. It also provides a new way for coaches to track the flow of the game, and will introduce new ways to rate young quarterbacks, receivers, and kickers at the combine and during a game. Adding these pieces of technology to the game would allow us to track the rotation of the football, acceleration, velocity, even G-forces applied to the ball along with many other metrics.

Project Timeline Below:

WK 2 Research relative technologies, Develop personas and User Reaserch

WK3 Wireframe and Develop UI

WK 4 Refine UI

WK 5 Propose project