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In today’s modern world are inundated with technology. As user we interface with some of the most basic but powerful pieces of technology we have to date, our mobile phones. How often do we use or mobile devices?

“The average person does it 110 times a DAY (and up to every 6 seconds in the evening)” By VICTORIA WOOLLASTON

PUBLISHED: 10:02 EST, 8 October 2013 | UPDATED: 10:03 EST, 8 October 2013

Where we fail is that these devices are more than just a beautiful screen filled with our favorite apps,  but that these pieces of technology are virtually driving innovation and invention in today’s technology market, things such as Blue Tooth LE, Retina Displays, cloud based data, data visualization, health and even cameras. So If we have the ability to create such master pieces that we use on a daily basis why aren’t we seeing these technologies or new innovations being injected into more commercial and public areas? If we started adding these viable low cost technologies to other areas such as sports, medicine, and even in traffic lights and roadways we could not only improve them but make them safer, gather more real time data, and even reduce costs as well as create jobs and boost the economy. So for my thesis I will be looking at how Data Visualization can impact users in real time in commercial and public industries.

Senior Project: I plan to create

Reading: Beautiful Evidence by Edward Tufte

Visual and Statistical Thinking: Displays of Evidence for Making Decisions

Blue Tooth LE PDF Blue Tooth Website Worlds Smallest Battery



Coyote on Gray

Titan Tactical Trade show Booth


About: Titan Tactical Group, LLC is a mobile tactical firearms training and consulting company. Our company is dedicated to providing realistic, relevant tactical firearms and personnel survival training to government agencies, the US military, law enforcement agencies, police training institutions, private security organizations and law-abiding citizens. Our company provides one of the most comprehensive, mission-specific, tactical training available.

Objective: To create a successful and affordable trade show booth that could be used at Shot-Show 2015.


Thesis Response 2

Jeeyoung Jung-“Unseen Constraints” Ethics in User Interface

I found this thesis to be very interesting in the fact that approaching a topic solely based on ethics could be a little biased based on the writers’ beliefs and morals. I believe Jeeyoung did a great job of clearly explaining an discussing these topics with an unbiased outlook. Each one of the topics Jeeyoung talks about clearly illustrates how it can affect interface design and the users’ ideas, feeling and experience. With that in mind, I can honestly say I would read this a couple more times just to retain a total understanding on how each one of these ethical views could influence my interface design skills or projects. Each one seems to live in its own world, but in some ways can end up effecting the other based on the application of the design and how users will be experiencing it. Lastly, I would like to point out that English is not Jeeyoung First language and this thesis clearly demonstrates his drive, communication and passion for this topic.

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Thesis Response 1

Ryan Fisher – Contemporary rebranding of traditional markets

Overall, I think this thesis is successful at creating a clear picture of how brands can be successful in todays markets. Provided that we assume that these brands already have a sound product Ryan dove deep into how the psychological and human aspects of reaching a certain audience can affect a person or person’s outlook, loyalty, or buying decision and how it can be influenced. Also being able to see the different approaches that companies take in order to achieve this success was very interesting in that you don’t always have to be the big fish in the pond to get a consumer’s attention or loyalty, which I feel can lead to an even more fruitful opportunity for that brand. But in the case of target and TOMS (being large companies) they really appeal to the human emotion and heart to create a sense of belonging and making an impact other than just purchasing a product. In the End I think Ryans ideas are sound in that we must continue to create a unique experience for all consumers in order to retain the loyalty and trust of the consumer so the brand may continue to grow and thrive in todays markets.